Biobased Lubricants Improving, Gaining Favor in Natural Workzones

researcher displays fractions of bio-crude which can be sustainable machine lubricants

Researchers Reconstruct the Stonefly Fauna of Ohio

Archaeological Work Facilitates Preservation and Infrastructure in Illinois

A verification well monitors the storage of CO2 near Decatur, Ill.

Prairie Research Institute Receives Major Grants for Geologic Carbon Storage Research

Widespread Shallow Groundwater Contamination Found in Southwestern Illinois Cave Streams and Springs

The work of PRI researchers was featured at the International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies in Switzerland

In Race to Capture Carbon Dioxide, Remember the Need to Use It

Top research universities use millions of single-use gloves which can be recycled into useful products.

Illinois Success Story a Model for Sustainable University

Digitization Projects Make Nature Collections Available to Everyone

Invasive Species Workshop Trains First Detectors in Illinois

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