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Esker ridge recently melted out of Stagnation Glacier (B28)

Location: Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada
Esker ridge recently melted out of Stagnation Glacier (B28)

This esker ridge has recently melted out of Stagnation Glacier (B28); the author is shown for scale. Note the icing that surrounds the ridge and Stagnation Glacier, itself in the upper left corner of the image. This is the same ridge photographed by Christian Zdanowitz in 1992, image 0027. The camera is looking toward rather than away from the snout of Stagnation Glacier as in image 0027. The meltwater channel in the foreground is cutting through debris-rich basal glacier ice, stranded under an insulating blanket of sediments in the forefront of the active glacier margin. The fresh-appearing slope in the background is the inner (ice contact) face of the ice-cored lateral moraine of Stagnation Glacier. See also images 0027, 0036, 0085, 0151, 0166, and 0179 for different views of glacier B28.

Date taken: 1991
Photo ID: 0150
High resolution image available
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